Communicating and Presenting Complex Information and Data
Keep your audience engaged during detailed presentations

Counties often present complex and detailed information to decision-makers and the public, and fall into the trap of overwhelming the audience with too much content or complexity. The charts and statistics become overwhelming for the audience and they are unpersuaded. This course provides strategies and techniques for presenting data, complex issues and analytical information in a way an audience can understand and apply. Participants explore balancing content with clarity, effective use of tools such as PowerPoint, and determining what evidence to present. Techniques for assessing the audience are considered. With practical examples participants examine how to present statistical data, key elements of visual design, and creation of presentations which communicate multifaceted ideas in a clear manner. Participants use their own examples to improve how the data and issues are presented.

Instructor: Dr. Mary Kirlin is an associate professor in Public Policy and Administration at CSU-Sacramento.

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