Realignment 101: The Basics of 1991 and 2011 Realignments
The context and structure of realignment in California

You hear about realignment nearly every day. The funding streams are complex and it’s hard to understand what and why programs are included. What is realignment, where did it come from and how does it work? This course examines the history and rationale for establishing it in 1991, why programs were included, what was learned, and the 2011 expansion of realignment.  Participants examine the establishment and programs of the 1991 realignment. Discussion details health and human services and mental health programs. Participants explore individual programs, how they work, funding and current status. The 2011 realignment – including AB 109 – is explored with an emphasis on public safety programs. Details on the realigned programs, changes to 1991 realignment services, implementation, and funding are all discussed.

Instructors: Diane Cummins, special advisor to the Governor on state and local realignment; Graham Knaus, Assistant Director of Health and Human Services, Placer County; and Karen Pank, Executive Director, Chief Probation Officers of California.

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