Stakeholder Engagement: Does it always have to be so messy?
How to create complex decision-making processes that work

Most of us have experienced decision-making as a single-step process—just do it!  There is much more to effective problem solving and decision-making. In this best practice course you’ll learn how to design and lead effective decision-making processes with multiple stakeholder groups. Participants explore tips and best practices – and the messy traps to avoid. This is a key, but elusive, skill necessary for all managers in today’s fast-moving environment. It reveals both the fundamental systems at work in high-performing organizations, as well as the specific day-to-day things leaders can do to sustain high levels of success for themselves and their organizations. 

Instructor:  Eric Douglas is an author, entrepreneur and facilitator who’s designed and led stakeholder processes in many sectors, including water, health care, energy, and public safety.

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