Water in California: Politics, Distribution and the Future
A timely discussion on a sustainable water supply in California

California has a long history of water politics. This course provides the policy overview, history and current plans to address this complex issue in an interactive and practical manner. Participants explore water law and its role in the foundation of California’s water systems. The course examines current issues affecting water supply and distribution, including the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Plan, the Bay Delta-Conservation Plan (BDCP), proposed alternatives to the BDCP and financing options. The future of water supply and availability is studied in light of recent trends in above – or below – average rainfalls. Discussion highlights scenarios for the future of California’s water supply, how climate change may affect supply, the crisis in the Delta, and other pressures affecting water supply. Discussion identifies how these decisions could affect water availability for counties.

Instructors: Dr. John Kirlin, former professor of public administration at USC and University of Indiana, and former executive director of Delta Vision and the Delta Vision Foundation; plus experts in water policy in California.

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