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Efforts to Require Mandatory Employer-Provided Union Orientation Resurface

December 15, 2016

CSAC has long fought against mandatory employer-provided orientation as it has serious legal, logistical, and administrative implications for counties. Despite opposition from numerous local government and education management stakeholders, the idea of mandatory orientation continues to be recycled by the Legislature year after year.

Last year, Assembly Bill 2835 (Cooper) presented significant challenges to counties after it was gutted and amended to require state and local agencies to provide mandatory orientation to newly hired public employees within two months of hiring. The bill was opposed by a lengthy list of stakeholders, CSAC included, and ultimately died on the Senate Inactive File on the last day of the 2015-2016 session.

However, just when we’re able to catch a breath, a new orientation bill has been introduced in the Assembly—Assembly Bill 52 (Cooper). There is still much to be determined about the bill since at this point the language is still very general, but CSAC is keeping a watchful eye and will keep counties apprised as to any new developments.

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