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Mandates Working Group Delves Into New Laws

September 28, 2017

The Local Government Mandates Working Group diligently tracks bills that impose new mandates on local governments throughout the year. Several of them have either died or been put on hold until next year, but a few remain, awaiting final action by the Governor by October 15. A full status report is available here.

One recurring topic of conversation among the Working Group has been Assembly Bill 119, which the Governor signed into law on June 27, 2017 and which could potentially be eligible for reimbursement. The new mandate requires that public employers allow union representatives time to present during new employee orientations and access employee contact information. Specifically, potential mandate claims could be filed related to the mandatory 10 day notice rules and on-going distribution of employee information to organized labor representatives. A more detailed summary of the new law is available in the CSAC Webinar Library under “Explained: California’s New Employee Orientation Mandate.”

The Working Group will hold another meeting on October 26, once the deadline for the Governor to sign/veto legislation has passed. If interested in joining the meeting, contact Tracy Sullivan for the details.

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