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PPIC Report Examines Realignment and Recidivism

December 14, 2017

The Public Policy Institute of California recently released the report Realignment and Recidivism in California, examining rearrest and reconviction rates after release from custody. The report is focused on two groups of offenders affected by realignment: those on Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS) and those sentenced under California Penal Code section 1170 (h).

Overall, the report finds that realignment had modest effects on recidivism, with considerable variation across offender groups and counties. Specifically, the report states that:

  • individuals on PRCS have somewhat higher recidivism than similar individuals released before realignment;
  • realignment did not have a consistent effect on recidivism for individuals sentenced under 1170(h);
  • offenders who received straight sentences have the same or lower rates of recidivism;
  • and the effects of realignment on recidivism vary substantially across counties.

Please click here to view the full report. 

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