Job Opportunity

Deputy Counsel I/II/III
Yuba County

Date Posted:

December 11, 2013


Level I $4,870-$5,357/mo; Level II $5,646-$6,211/mo; Level III $6,741-$7,415/mo


The County of Yuba is currently recruiting for a Deputy County Counsel I/II/III. Under the direction of the County Counsel and Chief Deputy County Counsel, attorneys in this series, Deputy County Counsel I/II/III, perform professional legal work by preparing and trying civil cases and providing legal counsel and assistance to the County, its’ officers, associated boards and commissions, as well as, outside agencies.
The Deputy County Counsel I/II/III position is flexibly staffed. Depending on background and experience, the position may be filled directly at the Deputy County Counsel III level. Involvement in formal litigation and discretionary authority increases as the incumbent progress through the various levels. Responsibilities of the various levels include:
Deputy County Counsel I:
•Researches, interprets and applies laws, court decision, statutes, ordinances and other legal authorities; prepares legal reports, opinions, briefs and appeals.
•Represent the County in administrative hearings and before boards, commissions, committees and state and federal agencies.
•Represents, confers with and advises clients of the Office of the County Counsel with respect to all civil law, including litigation in the area of probate, police powers, social services, health care, child welfare, and other civil areas of public law.
•Assists in researching investigations and preparing for trial; may assist in the trial of or defense of the County in cases involving condemnation, damage or other civil suits.
•Maintain accurate records and files and compile reports related to assigned areas of work.
Deputy County Counsel II (in addition to the above):
•Prepares pleadings and other papers in connection with trials, hearings and other legal proceedings; performs research, investigation and detailed legal preparation for County in cases involving condemnation, damage or civil suits.
•Makes recommendations to the County Counsel concerning the advisability to prosecute, compromise or dismiss civil litigation.
Deputy County Counsel III (In addition to the above):
•Prepares difficult legal reports, opinions, briefs and appeals using independent judgment and discretion.
•Attends meetings of boards and commissions in order to provide legal advice and counsel.


The ideal candidate is a excellent communicator that demonstrates a strong sense of ethics and integrity, both personally and professionally. In addition, they must possess:
•Knowledge of the principles and application of civil and administration law; legal research methods; trial and hearing procedures and rules of evidence; the statutory and constitutional laws of the State of California; the duties, powers, limitations and authorities of the Office of the County Counsel; the organization, power, and limitations of local governmental functions; and the interpretation and application of the law as it relates to the general law County government and law in relation to authority, responsibilities and obligations of public officials, administrative boards and agencies.
•Skill in preparing, presenting and conducting cases of law in court; researching, analyzing and applying legal principles, facts, evidence and precedents to legal problems; and defining issues, performing legal research, analyzing problems, evaluating alternatives and making appropriate recommendations.
•Ability to prepare and present statements of law, fact and argument clearly, logically and persuasively in written and oral form; analyze and present legal considerations related to the policies, programs and operation of the County; and further County policies, programs and operation through creative interpretation and application of the law.
Minimum Qualifications:
Deputy County Counsel I: Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited school of law; Deputy County Counsel II: Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited school of law and two (2) years of professional experience as an attorney in the practice of civil law in the State of California; Deputy County Counsel III: Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited school of law and four (4) years of professional experience as an attorney in the practice of civil law in the State of California.
Must be an active member (in good standing) in the State Bar of California. Must possess a valid California Drivers License.

How To Apply:

For more detailed information log onto the website at or contact the County of Yuba Human Resources 915 8th Street, Suite 113, Marysville, CA 95901 Ph: 530-749-7860 Fx: 530-749-7864

Final Deadline:

December 13, 2013 by 5:00 p.m.

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