Job Opportunity

EEO Administrator
Sacramento Regional Transit District

Date Posted:

June 27, 2014


$78,504 – $109,908 annually


Supplemental Questionnaire Is Required At The Time Of Application

Brief Description - Manage RT’s EEO programs and ensure compliance with applicable federal/state laws, FTA Circular 4702.1A and transportation regulatory agency guidelines. Develop and recommend policies, administer processing of complaints and investigations, prepare EEO/AA plan and periodic progress reports, serve as liaison between RT and state/federal agencies, create and deliver training and assist management in collection and analysis of employment and program data.

Essential Functions - Administer complaint processing by researching complaints of discrimination, harassment and unprofessional conduct by interviewing complainants, witnesses and respondents, assessing facts and determining applicable law and/or policy violations, develop reports to include findings, make recomendations to management regarding corrective action, and communicate with management and external agencies and other affected parties on a need to know basis. Coach/counsel employees and managers on other topics as needed.

Manage development and maintenance of EEO program by conducting research into current rules/regulations, case laws, and pending legislation, create and recommend new and/or modified policies, interprete employer responsibilities and obligations, obtain legal guidance as required, analyze relevant information to compile reports and advise management. Monitor subrecipients as required by FTA, and requirements of RT’s EEO/AA Plan. Collect and analyze employment data, identify problem areas, set goals/timetables, and develop programs to achieve goals. Evaluate, validate, analyze and interpret data. Isolate and coordinate with management for appropriate action according to program objectives.

Design, implement, and monitor internal audit and reporting systems to measure program effectiveness and determine where progress has been made and further action is needed, deliver recommendations to management; analyze goal progress on underutilized areas and report findings to management, work with affected departments to alleviate deficiencies; collaborate with Legal, Human Resources, and Labor Relations to ensure EEO laws, CBAs and RT policies are being enforced consistently. Respond to requests for information. Develop and provide program-related consultations and briefings.

Serve as liaison between agencies, federal, state, and local governments, and regulatory agencies, women’s, minority, disabled, veterans, and other community groups. Assist in recruiting underutilized applicants and identifing outreach sources. Establish collaborative, problem-solving perspective and share technical knowledge with associate staff, colleagues and community members. Serve as a resource to employees and management on activities to meet RT’s strategic planning efforts. Support and participate in technical training workshops, seminars, community events, and conferences. Participate in associated outreach activities. Assist management in the collection and analysis of employment and program data, identify problem areas, set goals and timetables, and develop and implement strategies to achieve goals. Identify nature and sources of data.

Evaluate, validate, analyze, and interpret data. Isolate and coordinate with management for appropriate action according to program objectives. Design, implement, and monitor internal audit and reporting systems to measure program effectiveness and determine where progress has been made and further action is needed. Assess existing systems. Devise common vehicle for conveying and sharing necessary information. Establish baseline for reporting and communicating achievement. Compare periodic data to baseline for reporting. Report periodically on progress and status of each unit in relation to employment practices and agency goals. Develop unique reports for RT and each individual division and department.

Assure current legal information affecting equal opportunity/program guidelines is disseminated to responsible officials. Develop and submit management reports. Respond to request for information. Develop and provide program-related consultations, briefings, and training. Arrange consultations to share program developments. Periodic monitoring of ADA compliance including interactive process and reasonable accommodation efforts. Provide input into potential process improvements, program modifications or consultation/training opportunities. Determine training needs, develop objectives, create and deliver curriculum. Research training materials, training methods, pilot training programs.

Create evaluations, monitor feedback and revise programs and materials as needed for sexual harassment prevention, Title VI, Diversity and Inclusion training and/or other EEO-related subjects and/or related RT policies. Evaluate and modify existing and proposed programs; recommend appropriate changes. Conduct follow-up studies of all completed training to evaluate and measure results; modify programs as needed. Summarize findings for review of training effectiveness. Other related duties as assigned.


Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university in Business Administration, Public Administration, Human Resources Management, Labor Relations, Psychology, Sociology or a related field.

Additional directly related experience beyond the minimum requirement may substitute for the required education based on the ratio of one and a half (1.5) years of experience for each (1) year of education.

Experience: Five (5) years of experience in Human Resources with direct experience in EEO programs, including investigating complaints, preparing state and federal documentation and conducting EEO training.
Proof of required education, beyond high school, such as college transcripts, diplomas, and/or certificates must be submitted at the time of application, if not substituting experience for the education requirement.

Filing - 

The minimum qualifications as stated on this job announcement represent only the basic requirements of the position. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee that a candidate will be invited to participate in other examination segments of the selection process. An employment application, supplemental questionnaire and proof of education, as outlined above, are required for this position. Applications, job announcements, supplemental questionnaires and copies of the complete job description are available at 2810 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 or through our website at

Completed employment application, supplemental questionnaire and proof of education, as outlined above, must be submitted to the Human Resources Department not later than Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. RT does not accept e-mail applications, incomplete applications, or late applications regardless of postmark. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of an application, but may be included with the application. For more information on benefits, a summary sheet is available from the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department will make reasonable efforts in the recruitment process to accommodate candidates with disabilities. For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at (916) 556-0298. RT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. EOE – Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans.

How to Apply:

Apply in person, mail or fax to:
Sacramento Regional Transit District
Human Resources Department
2810 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 556-0298
Fax: (916) 457-7194

Filing Deadline:

July 30, 2014

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