Medical Marijuana


Medical Marijuana

Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, provides certain legal protections for qualified patients and caregivers that cultivate and use marijuana. Almost immediately following the passage of the ballot measure, local governments faced various uncertainties with implementation and regulation related to the legal and illegal usage of medical marijuana.  Issues have risen regarding land use and zoning, environmental problems and public safety and law enforcement issues, to name a few.  

As a result, CSAC President Tony Oliveira created a CSAC Medical Marijuana Working Group to serve as a venue for research and information sharing to help counties navigate the maze of local, state and federal laws and regulations related to medical marijuana. The Working Group’s scope encompasses the legal, social, public safety, public health, and environmental impacts of the medical marijuana issue. The goal of the Working Group is to provide information about county responsibilities in the regulation of medical marijuana and the location of medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Co-Chair: Supervisor Mark Lovelace, Humboldt County
Co-Chair: Supervisor Susan Adams, Marin County

CSAC Staff:

Karen Keene, Senior Legislative Representative
Cara Martinson, Legislative Representative
Amanda Yang, Legislative Assistant


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