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We know how busy everyone is, and how overloaded we all are with information. Our mobile devices keep us plugged in 24-7, and just deciding what is important and what isn’t can be a chore. We also know that attention spans are getting shorter, not longer. There are a lot of reasons for that, not all of them comforting perhaps, but they are well documented. At CSAC, we know that if we really want to reach people we have to be concise in our communication.

It is with those trends in mind that we are rolling out CSAC “Power Minute” videos to augment the other communication tools we already employ. These videos will complement the more extensive written communication you also receive from us. We try to stay on top of trends and technology in our communication efforts. Our social media presence has exploded; our weekly electronic newsletter, the CSAC Bulletin, provides more in-depth content about many of the important issues we’re advocating for; and we are also using video more frequently to share county best practices and as a new advocacy tool. Video communication is growing at least partially because it makes information easily accessible even in a world that has become more mobile.​

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