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Bond, Water Bond

In a scenario that almost reads like the finale from an Ian Fleming novel, the legislature is racing the clock to agree to terms on a Bond, Water Bond, that has a lot of people both shaken and stirred. The old proposal on the ballot in November is for $11 billion dollars, but the Governor, in his recurring role as “Dr. No” is pushing for a much smaller measure—about $6 billion.

If those numbers sound like the plot from “Casino Royale,” there is another plan worth about $8 billion that is also making the rounds—but the Governor appears to be willing to “Live and Let Die” anything that smacks of pork. The deadline is midnight tonight and the negotiations are apparently “For Your Eyes Only.” There is no “Quantum of Solace” for anyone trying to follow the ever changing landscape.

Senate Democrats, looking at the Governor’s scaled down version insist “The World is Not Enough” and they are holding out hope for a “Golden Eye.” Republicans however, have a Message “from Russia with Love:” a great big Nyet!

So don’t let the $11 billion dollar “Bond, Water Bond” scare “The Living Daylights” out of you. The Governor has “A License to Kill” bills he doesn’t like. He’s on “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and we may all have “A View to a Kill” when he pulls the trigger. He is after all “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Of course, anything can happen—it is the legislature after all, where “You (and water deals) Only Live Twice.”

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