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The Camera’s Lens: The Videographer’s Eyes and Ears

One of the best things about my duties as Technical Coordinator is editing video. To capture and craft an interesting story through other people’s words, while sometimes a challenge, is extremely enjoyable and at the same time beneficial and valuable. Each person has something to say – even if they don’t realize it themselves – we just need to listen. Everyone has a unique take on the world – and their experiences shape their knowledge.

Through the few months I have been an employee at CSAC, I have been sent to places I would not have otherwise seen and met people I likely would never had an opportunity to meet. I’ve heard their stories – some inspiring, some heart-breaking – and all important.

Whether it was a survivor of a natural disaster, or a peace officer who has mentored street kids over a span of years, or those street kids who were never lucky enough to have a mentor and decided for themselves that they wanted a better life, or a county employee who has become an authority in their field through decades of unique experiences – they and many more like them have sat down with us in front of our camera and shared.

CSAC has been producing videos that tell these stories for years before I came onboard. Our organization has travelled all throughout the state to bring these stories to the forefront of the conversation. Go to our YouTube channel and you will see and hear for yourself these inspirational tales.

From rural foster youth that are learning how to live in an adult world, to District Attorneys and Sheriffs who continuously strive for safety in their communities, to counselors of all types trying new and inventive ways to serve needs, and County workers from all over the state who are implementing innovative changes. Be it in areas of mental health, human services, criminal justice, and environmental impact – they are using their years of expertise and moving California Counties forward by saving money, saving the environment, and even saving lives.

One of the best quotes I’ve come across while mining through our YouTube videos is, “You never learn anything if you are the only one talking.” I have learned something from all of these people. I hope you do too. Their stories of hope, experience, positivity, and sincere desire to make their county a better place to live deserve to be heard.

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