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Counties Can Help Local Businesses Outsmart Disaster

The Seismic Safety Commission wants county officials to help their local businesses prepare for the next natural disaster, whether it’s an earthquake, fire, or flood.

A new state program, which is the subject of CSAC’s webinar next Wednesday, is designed to help communities and their businesses outsmart disaster by creating resilient business plans. The commission is asking counties to get involved because county leaders are in a unique position to help communicate risk to their business communities and encourage them to take action that will help their business as well as the safety and resiliency of the entire community in the days, weeks and months following a natural disaster.
The Outsmart Disaster campaign and Resilient Business Challenge are designed to make it easy for local government leaders to communicate to local businesses. The commission will collect information on companies registering for and completing the Resilient Business Challenge, including location and industry sector, and report back to city leaders on the progress their local businesses are making in the challenge. The state will also promote and recognize counties that have adopted the local resolution to thank them for their leadership in this space.
Counties can join the Seismic Safety Commission’s Outsmart Disaster effort by:

  • Visiting the campaign website to learn more about the Outsmart Disaster campaign and Resilient Business Challenge, as well as access toolkits and resources.
  • Registering on the campaign website to stay informed and receive the latest news and updates.
  • Promoting the Resilient Business Challenge and toolkits to your local businesses.
  • In return, the Seismic Safety Commission will:
    • Provide all necessary information in support of this request via an online portal. This will include: talking points, press releases, creative design for Public Service Announcements, social media for sharing, sample city resolution.
    • Host a webinar featuring tutorials on accessing local government toolkits and resources (Scheduled for September 5)
    • Host a monthly call and email with updates, new research, etc. (To receive invite email

Please direct questions to Salina M. Valencia, Director of Legislation and Communications with the Seismic Safety Commission at (916) 263-5506.

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