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Recording History—Santa Barbara County’s Response to COVID-19

The CSAC Communications Department knows the power of a good story— how words come together to paint a picture, capture an emotion, or drive the reader to action. We also know the power of using video, images, and audio to tell an even more engaging story. Over the past several years, we’ve doubled down on our in-house video and graphics capabilities for just that reason.

Recently, we’ve been asking Counties to share their COVID-19 success stories with us so we can promote the excellent work that’s happening around the state. You’ve read stories from Placer County about its pandemic grant program distributing CARES grant dollars within the community and from Marin County about the responsible team allocating and distributing PPE and medical supplies through their system.

Yet, some stories can’t be as efficiently or evocatively conveyed in words alone.  Recently, Santa Barbara County approached us with an excellent video about their county-wide COVID-19 response efforts. So this week, instead of a more traditional narrative blog, we invite to you take a look at Santa Barbara County’s COVID-19 video blog, or Vlog. It’s about 10 minutes long and time well spent.

If your County has an excellent COVID-19 story to tell—in words, images, audio, or video—please share them with Sara Floor. Not sure how to put your story together? Reach out and we’ll see how the CSAC Communications Team can help. Together, we can shine a great light on excellence at work in California’s Counties.

CSAC thanks Santa Barbara County Executive Officer Mona Miyasato for sharing this video blog with us.

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