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Ten Reasons to Attend the CSAC Legislative Conference

The CSAC Legislative Conference is around the corner. While a large number of county supervisors and staff have already registered, there’s always room for more. For anyone still on the fence about this year’s event, here are 10 great reasons to click the REGISTER button today.

  10. Springtime in Sacramento is lovely. Stroll Capitol Park, check out some historic homes or local sights.

  9. Research new services. Attend a Mini Expo of services that can make county government easier.

  8. Save money! Early Bird registration is still available through March 16!

  7. New Session, New Administration! Hear from new executive staff leading state departments and agencies that oversee county programs.

  6. Count those Nickles and Dimes. Learn strategies to help county justice programs cope with declining revenues from court related fees and fines.

  5. Surf the Silver Tsunami. Learn how counties and the state are gearing up to cope with an aging population and the implications for many county programs and systems of care.

  4. Networking, networking, networking. Perhaps the highlight of any CSAC conference or gathering is the chance to meet with other county representatives.

  3. Make your County voice heard. Visit your state representatives and staff in their Capitol offices. Make the County Voice heard in Sacramento.

  2. Stay up to date. Attend a number of committee, caucus and policy meetings timed with the conference.

  1. Be part of the County Family! There’s no better way to advocate for California’s Counties than in Sacramento with CSAC!

Register today for the 2019 CSAC Legislative Conference, April 24 and 25 in Sacramento by clicking here. Early bird rates good through March 16, and registration is open through April 12.

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