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March 30, 2017

Victims of Violent Crimes: Trauma Recovery Centers.
AB 1384 (Weber) – Support
As Introduced February 17, 2017

AB 1384 by Assembly Member Shirley Weber would establish clear guidelines for the provision of Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) services administered by the Victims Compensation Board (VCB) in California. The San Francisco General Hospital Trauma Recovery Center, recognized as the State Pilot Trauma Recovery Center (State Pilot TRC) model, shall be used by the California Victim Compensation Board when it selects, establishes, and implements trauma recovery centers.

A four-year demonstration project has established that the State Pilot TRC model is both clinically and cost effective when compared to customary fee for service care. By setting clear guidelines and bolstering training for new trauma recovery centers, AB 1384 would ensure that crime survivors receive the comprehensive and timely services they need to heal. AB 1384 passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee 7-0 and is waiting to be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Supplemental Security Income and CalFresh: Preenrollment.
SB 708 (Skinner) – Support
As Amended March 27, 2017

SB 708 by Senator Nancy Skinner would enable county human services agencies to work with correctional facilities to facilitate pre-enrollment into CalFresh for jail inmates before they are released. Pre-enrollment ensures individuals have immediate access to benefits that are essential to their basic needs. It also provides county human services agencies with more time to process the applications in advance.

This would then allow state prisons and county jails to acquire key documents, such as a social security card or government-issued I.D. that individuals need in order to apply for jobs or acquire housing upon release. Additionally, having CalFresh applications approved prior to release means these individuals can also immediately participate in local job training programs, if such are offered in their county. SB 708 is set to be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee on April 4.

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