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Administration of Justice Bills of Interest

September 5, 2019

SB 284 (Beall) would increase the fee charged to counties to send a youth to the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Given that the final decision as to where youth are placed following adjudication is one decided by a juvenile court judge, CSAC has argued that this legislation will do little to prevent youth from being sent to DJJ and instead result in significant financial impacts on counties. CSAC has, additionally, argued that this fiscal impact, especially in smaller counties, will negatively impact counties and the progress we have made to enhance services and could put programming for youth in jeopardy.  SB 284 was passed by the legislature on September 3 and is headed to the Governor.

AB 206 (Chiu) will protect property owners and public entities that voluntarily participate in a lead paint abatement program, this bill provides limited immunity from lawsuits and other claims associated with the property owner or public entities’ participation in the lead abatement program. CSAC supported  this measure that was signed into law by the Governor on August 30.

AB 516 (Chiu) would limit the ability of localities to enforce state and local vehicle violations. CSAC was concerned that AB 516 would remove some of the necessary tools that local authorities utilize to address vehicles left on the road for 72 or more consecutive hours, vehicles with lapsed vehicle registration and having five or more delinquent parking or traffic violations. AB 516 was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee.


SB 555 (Mitchell) requires that the sale prices of the items in a county jail canteen are offered for sale at the cost paid to the vendor supplying the items; renames the inmate welfare fund to the incarcerated people’s fund; requires that funds from the incarcerated people’s fund be expended solely for the benefit, education, and welfare of the inmates confined within the jail; prohibits commissions in telephone and communication service contracts for juvenile facilities and county jails; and requires such telephone and communication service contracts to be negotiated and awarded to the lowest cost provider. SB 555 has been made into a 2-year bill. CSAC does not have an active position on this measure.

SB 42 (Skinner) establishes the Getting Home Safe Act which mandates that all county jails follow specified procedures for releasing a person from jail to ensure that person’s safety, including providing a safe place for the person to wait after release during evening hours. SB 42 recently passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee with amendments that reduce costs by reducing state and local obligations related to the release of inmates. SB 42 is waiting to be heard on the Assembly Floor. CSAC does not have an active position on this measure

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