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Administration of Justice Bills of Interest

May 11, 2017


AOJ Bills of Interest

AB 720 (Eggman) – Inmates: psychiatric medication: informed consent. As Amended April 17, 2017 – Support

Assembly Bill 720 by Assembly Member Susan Eggman would grant county jails the authority to administer involuntary psychiatric medication to non-sentenced individuals detained in their facilities as long as certain criteria are met. Existing law prohibits a person sentenced to imprisonment in a county jail from being administered any psychiatric medication without his or her prior informed consent or unless specific conditions exist. However, there are individuals who enter local detention facilities that need mental health treatment but have not been sentenced. AB 720 would assist in reducing harm to the inmate, other inmates or staff and addresses ongoing problems and challenges county jails are facing in addressing the mental health needs of inmates. AB 720 passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee 7-0, passed out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee 10-0 and waiting to be heard on the Assembly Floor.

SB 142 (Beall) – Criminal offenders: mental health.
As Amended April 24, 2017 – Support

Senate Bill 142 by Senator Jim Beall would incentivize counties to invest more in effective local mental health services by sharing state savings when a county reduces the number of people with mental illness sent to state prison. This measure would establish the State Community Mental Health Performance Incentives Fund that would be available for transfer to counties to be deposited in a county-based fund account. Incentive payments would be made available to the County Board of Supervisors for utilization

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