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Administration of Justice New Laws Taking Effect January 1

November 2, 2017

Governor Brown concluded legislative business by the October 15 deadline, ultimately signing 859 bills into law. CSAC is publishing a series of updates on new laws from each policy area. This week, the report from the Administration of Justice policy unit provides information on housing bills signed by Governor Brown. Stay tuned for more updates from other policy areas over the next few weeks. 

AB 720 will allow local detention facilities to extend the process of involuntarily medicating inmates to those awaiting adjudication to ensure they can receive timely, effective treatment during incarceration.
Link to the full text of AB 720

AB 789 will allow judges the option to grant own recognizance (OR) release to arrestees with three or more FTAs without a hearing in open court if they are released under a court-operated or court-approved pretrial release program. Link to the full text of AB 789

AB 790 will provide California identification cards to individuals prior to release from incarceration or hospitalization. Link to the full text of AB 790

AB 1384 will create clear guidelines for the Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) Grant Program by establishing specific programmatic standards for all program applicants. Additionally, this bill would encourage the development of new TRC programs across the state by ensuring that funds are available to help providers build capacity for staff, programs and services necessary to fulfill the vision of the TRC model. Link to the full text of AB 1384

AB 1401 will clarify that a court may issue a protective custody warrant for the protection of a child under specified circumstances when the child is not already the subject of a dependency petition. Link to the full text of AB 1401

SB 384 willestablish a tiering system for adult and juvenile registrants in California’s sex offender registry. Adult registrants would be divided into three tiers and juvenile registrants would be divided into two tiers. (Effective January 1, 2021). Link to the full text of SB 384

Additional News –

SB 10, which would have reformed California’s bail system without knowing what in the bail system needs to be reformed, was successfully stopped by CSAC and is now a 2-year bill.

AB 1250, the de facto ban on contracting out with service providers, and a top legislative priority for CSAC was held in Senate Rules Committee and is now a 2-year bill.

AB 662, which would have significantly increased staffing and workload costs of county and third-party collection agencies already strapped for costs of collections efforts by increasing the frequency of notifications sent out to defendants and victims was a measure that CSAC opposed. The measure was vetoed by the Governor on September 11, 2017.

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