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AENR Request for Feedback on Solid Waste Bills

March 23, 2023

The Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources (AENR) Policy Committee oversees proposals relating to the environment and California’s natural resources which includes legislation impacting counties and their management of solid waste. The CSAC platform supports policies and legislation that aim to promote improved markets for recyclable materials and allows local governments to continue to have the ability to direct the flow of waste.

This year, there are several legislative proposals affecting the management of solid waste and their facilities. The AENR team is currently soliciting feedback from counties on the following bills:

AB 1705 (McKinnor) Solid Waste facilities: state policy goals

This bill would prohibit the establishment or expansion of a transformation facility or an EMSW conversion facility until the state has determined that the goal to reduce solid/organic waste by 75% on or before 2025 has been met for three consecutive years. It would prohibit the creation of incinerators and related technologies until the state has achieved its 75% recycling target.

SB 367 (Seyarto) Farm ranch and public lands cleanup and abatement: grant program

The bill would create the Public Lands Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Account in the General Fund and would authorize funding to be spent on cleaning up and abating the effects of solid waste that is illegally disposed of on public lands owned by the state or federal government. Currently, the funding source provides grants to public entities for the purposes of cleaning up and abating the effects of solid waste that is illegally disposed of on farm or ranch property.

SB 707 (Newman) Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2023

This bill would create a statewide textile repair and recycling program and enact the Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2023. This would require producers, to establish a stewardship program for the collection and recycling of a covered product and defines a “covered product”.

SB 751 (Padilla) Franchise agreements: labor impasse

This bill would prohibit a city, county, or city and county from entering an exclusive franchise agreement for services on or after January 1, 2024, or an agreement amended on or after that date, that contains a force majeure provision that can be triggered by a labor impasse. A force majeure, is typically intended to protect parties in the face of an “uncontrollable circumstance – an act of God.” These provisions are meant to cover action outside of the control of both parties.

Additionally, the bill would assess stiff penalties or timely refunds on sanitation contractors who fail to fulfill service obligations and direct proceeds to local residents affected by lost service.

Please send your feedback to Amber Rossow at arossow@counties.org.

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