CSAC Bulletin Article

Ag Environment and Natural Resources Bill Positions

April 19, 2018

CSAC has taken the following positions on legislation:

AB 2921 (Low): As amended on April 5, AB 2921 would allow for polystyrene food service packaging (PFP) manufacturers and polystyrene resin producers to voluntarily form or designate a self-governing organization to deal with the collection and recycling of polystyrene food packaging. If manufacturers and resin producers choose to designate this organization at all, the bill would allow them to establish their own recycling goals and assessment fees.

Enforcement has yet to be spelled out, and this bill doesn’t specifically give CalRecycle much, if any, oversight. This bill is essentially voluntary and does not hold manufacturers accountable for achieving recycling targets. CSAC is supportive of the Extended Producer Responsibility Framework Approach. However, we do not see AB 2921 as the comprehensive solution to the growing problem of food service ware pollution. CSAC has an oppose position on AB 2921.

SB 1088 (Dodd): CSAC has updated its position on SB 1088 as amended on April 9 from Support to Support if Amended and is working closely with the author’s office to address concerns. This bill would require the Office of Emergency Services, along with other agencies, to establish standards for utilities to protect against damage from storms, floods, mudslides, wildfires, earthquakes. In addition, the bill would require Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) to file, and the California Public Utilities Commission to review, adopt and enforce, safety, reliability and resiliency plans to prevent and mitigate risk from wildfires and other major events that affect the safety and reliability of the electric and gas systems. CSAC changed its position on this bill to Support if Amended. This bill is likely to help make California’s utility infrastructure more resilient, however, CSAC is concerned about the bill’s potential impact on civil liability issues and has proposed an amendment to help address this concern.

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