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March 9, 2017


The California State Water Resources Control Board issued an updated set of frequently asked questions about groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs). Readers will recall that the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires the formation of GSAs in high and medium priority basins and subbasins by June 30, 2017. With that deadline quickly approaching, these FAQs will help counties and other local water agencies implement SGMA and address questions like how to handle GSA overlap, which local agencies are eligible to serve as GSAs, how water corporations can participate in a GSA, and what happens if the waiting period to become an exclusive GSA has not expired by the June 30 deadline.  


Feedback requested on Several Bills

SB 252 (Dodd) would prohibit a new water well from being developed in a critically overdrafted basin, except in compliance with certain parameters. It would also add requirements for applicants seeking well permits in a critically overdrafted basin.

AB 277(Mathis) would authorize the State Water Resources Control Board to establish a loan and grant program related to homeowners and renters water projects, utilizing unexpended funding from prior years. The loan and grant program would be administered by counties and nonprofits.

SB 175 (McGuire) expands the current requirement to label cannabis products with the name of the county where the cannabis was grown by prohibiting the use of similar sounding names that are likely to mislead consumers about the product’s origin.

SB 234 (Berryhill) prohibits a local agency from adopting or enforcing an ordinance to regulate fishing. It would also require the court to award attorney’s fees to a party who prevails in court if challenged.

Please contact Cara Martinson (cmartinson@counties.org) or Betsy Hammer (bhammer@counties.org) with your comments on these bills.

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