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March 25, 2016

Inmates: medical treatment

AB 1703 (Santiago) – SUPPORT
As Introduced January 25, 2015

AB 1703 would expedite the transport process for inmates who require critical medical procedures by extending the definition of immediate medical care to include critical specialty medical procedures or treatment such as dialysis reducing the burden on the courts and law enforcement for repetitive court orders. AB 1703 passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee with a 7-0 vote. AB 1703 will be heard in the Assembly Health Committee on March 29th.

Protection of victims: address confidentiality

AB 2263 (Baker)   – SUPPORT
As Amended March 18, 2016

AB 2263 would close a loophole in the Safe At Home Program to protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking by prohibiting Assessor’s Offices from posting the residential addresses or telephone numbers of those enrolled in the California Safe at Home Program without prior written permission from the domestic violence victim. AB 2263 will be heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on March 29th.

Jail Industry Program

AB 2012 (Bigelow) – SUPPORT 
As Amended March 14, 2016

AB 2012 would allow the Board of Supervisors in Los Angeles, Tuolumne, Ventura, Sacramento, San Diego, Tulare and San Joaquin counties to authorize the sheriff to create a jail industry program. Contra Costa and Sonoma counties currently have Jail Industry Programs. A Jail Industry Program is a program that uses inmate labor to create a product or provide a service that has value for a public or private client and that compensates inmates with pay, privileges, or other benefits.  AB 2012 will be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee on March 29th.

Unmanned aircraft systems

SB 807 (Gaines) – SUPPORT
As Amended March 17, 2016

SB 807 would further limit the exposure to civil liability of an emergency responder for damages to an unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system, if the damage was caused while the emergency responder was performing specific emergency services and the unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system was interfering with the provision of those emergency services.

False advertising: substantiation of claims: county counsel 

SB 1130 (Wieckowski ) – SUPPORT
As Introduced February 17, 2016

SB 1130 would amend California’s False Advertising Law by adding county counsels to the list of public attorneys in Business & Professions Code section 17508 that can request substantiation of an advertising claim before filing a lawsuit. SB 1130 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 29th.

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