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Bill to Extend Housing Permits  Gutted and Amended

June 25, 2020

Senator Wiener recently gutted and amended SB 281 to include new language that would extend by two years any state or local housing entitlement that had not expired as of March 4, 2020. While the bill is characterized as necessary to reduce workloads for local government and ensure that development continues following the recession induced by the COVID-19 crisis, it has far-reaching implications. CSAC is currently soliciting feedback on this measure from counties. Please send comments or concerns to Marina Espinoza at mespinoza@counties.org by Wednesday, July 8.

SB 281 (Wiener) - Housing Entitlement Extensions

SB 281 now extends the period for the expiration, effectuation, or utilization of a housing entitlement, as defined, that had not expired as of March 4, 2020, by 24 months. The bill would toll this 24-month extension during any time that the housing entitlement is the subject of a legal challenge.

To better understand the impact this measure would have on counties, CSAC is seeking feedback from counties on the questions below.

  • Do counties anticipate any issues that would come up as a result of these housing entitlement extensions?
  • Have counties already taken action to extend local permits or entitlements? Either on a case-by-case basis or by broader type of entitlement?
  • Are there subsets of entitlements that are more or less problematic to include in this state-mandated extension?
  • Which state housing entitlement extensions be helpful to counties?
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