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March 18, 2016

AB 1982 (Bloom) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 16, 2016
Traffic Signal Synchronization

AB 1982 would require that traffic signal synchronization projects funded with Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds be timed to move vehicles at an average speed of 12 to 15 miles per hour. CSAC is interested to know whether counties have synchronization projects for which they may pursue cap and trade funding and whether any of these projects are located in contexts where this restriction would not be practical.

AB 2406 (Thurmond) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 19, 2016
Junior Second Units

AB 2406 would authorize a local agency to provide by ordinance for the creation of junior accessory dwelling units in single-family residential zones and prohibit such an ordinance from requiring water and sewer connection fees, additional parking, or fire sprinklers or fire attenuation requirements. A few cities have created ordinances that reduce impact fees for junior accessory dwelling units, which are located within the conditioned space of existing homes. The local agencies that have adopted such ordinances and the sponsors of the bill argue that all of the water, waste and energy, road use and parking for existing bedrooms have already been accounted for in the original permit for the home. CSAC is interested in any comments or concerns counties may have with the proposal.

AB 1886 (McCarty) – Request for Comments
As introduced February 11, 2016
CEQA Exemption for Transit Priority Projects

AB 1886 would extend the area in which transit priority projects eligible for exemption from CEQA to include projects on parcels where no more than 50% of the parcel is farther than one-half mile from the qualifying transit stop or corridor. The current standard is that 25% of the parcel is no farther than one-half mile. CSAC is interested to know whether counties have projects within their jurisdiction that may benefit from this incremental increase in eligibility. 



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