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Cal Recycle Starts Official Rulemaking for SB 1383 Organic Waste Diversion Regulations

January 24, 2019

On January 18, Cal Recycle began its official organic waste diversion rulemaking to implement SB 1383 (Chapter, 395, 2016). This is the beginning of a 45 day time period to submit comments about the proposed regulations, which can be found here.  CSAC strongly urges Supervisors and their public works departments to review the text and submit comments to Cal Recycle.  The deadline to submit comments is 5 p.m., March 4, 2019. Comments may be submitted via e-mail to: SLCP.Organics@calrecycle.ca.gov  Comments must be submitted during the appropriate comment period in order to be considered.

SB 1383 and its implementing regulations establish a 50 percent reduction in the level of the statewide landfill disposal of organic waste from the 2014 level by 2020 and a 75 percent reduction by 2025. CSAC has been closely following this rulemaking for much of 2017 and 2018 and has been in direct contact with CAL Recycle throughout regulatory development process.

Cal Recycle released a Standard Regulatory Impact Assessment in December that estimated a cost of $20 billion over 11 years to implement the regulations. This year, CSAC will support an increase in funding allocations from the state’s Cap & Trade program to help fund the development of organic waste diversion facilities.

Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Cara Martinson at 916-327-7500, ext. 504, or cmartinson@counties.org.

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