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Catastrophic Wildfire Commission Meets in Ventura

May 2, 2019

The Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery met in Ventura County this week to continue their efforts in developing recommendations to the Legislature on how best to socialize the costs associated with catastrophic wildfire. The Commission heard expert testimony on a number of topics, and CSAC testified on several panels addressing issues related to utility liability, the creation of a wildfire fund and community wildfire mitigation.

The Commission will release their draft report in the end of May and anticipates holding one more hearing to review the report in early June. The Governor has asked the Commission to expedite their work and recommendations to the Legislature by June in order to meet his call for resolution to the issue before the Legislature breaks for summer recess. This is an aggressive timeframe as the details of a wildfire fund are complex and there is no current proposal on the table.

The Commission solicited formal feedback to help inform their recommendations, and CSAC submitted our comments in April. CSAC continues to assert that changes to the legal standard under inverse condemnation do not solve the problem and will just pass costs onto to rate payers and victims.

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