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CDCR: Three-Judge Court May Update

May 20, 2016

With the final benchmark behind CDCR, the three judge panel continues with CDCR’s May 16thThree-Judge Panel Status Report with Exhibits. The State submits the status and benchmark report on the current in-state and out-of-state adult prison populations and the measures being taken to reduce the prison population in response to the court’s February 10, 2014 order. Monthly status reports are expected to continue unless otherwise noted.

CDCR met its final population target of 137.5 percent by February 28, 2016 and the current population capacity is 134.1percent of design capacity. However, if the new 1,584 infill beds are counted at 137.5 percent for the compliance calculation, the prison population is approximately 134.8 percent of design capacity.

The report also provides an update on CDCR’s reentry programs that include programs in San Francisco, Marin, Los Angeles, Kern County, and Butte County. As of May 10, 2016, the 150-bed facility in Los Angeles County houses 147 inmates, the 50-bed facility in Kern County houses 25 inmates, and the 20-bed Butte County facility houses 5 inmates.

To access previous Three-Judge Court updates online, please click here.

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