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Coronavirus Relief Fund Spending Data Released

October 1, 2020

The California Department of Finance (DOF) has published additional information regarding first quarter expenditures and obligations for the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF), including information from counties, cities, schools, and the state. The main content is on the DOF COVID-19 webpage.

Many counties have been interested in how their counterparts are spending their funds, and this report helps shed some light on where the money is going. Counties reported approximately 38 percent of their total funding, or $487 million, having been spent or obligated. Six counties reported funds as fully spent or obligated. The top five expenditure categories across all CRF recipients—including schools, cities, and the state—were: Facilitating Distance Learning ($468 million), Payroll for Public Health and Public Safety ($365 million), Personal Protective Equipment ($326 million), Public Health Expenses ($261 million), and Budgeted Personnel – Substantially Different Use ($259 million).

In addition, DOF has announced an extension of the due date for the second CRF spending report. The portal to submit the report will open on October 6 and the report will be due on October 12.

DOF also updated their COVID-19 webpage in the following ways:

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