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Counties Spared Sexual Harassment Training “Stutter Step”

September 5, 2019

Would counties that were already providing sexual harassment prevention training to nonsupervisory employees be required to provide that training two years in a row, instead of every other year? Due to a drafting error in last year’s bill implementing mandatory training, public agencies and businesses were facing this exactly this kind of “stutter step”.

However, last Friday brought relief as Governor Newsom signed SB 778 into law. This new law provides technical, but important, changes to the requirements imposed by last year’s SB 1343. That bill, by Senator Holly Mitchell, imposed new semiannual training and education requirements for nonsupervisory employees, similar to those already required for supervisors. But because of the way the deadlines were written, the bill inadvertently required some businesses and public agencies that were already training nonsupervisory employees to provide that training in consecutive years.

SB 778, which was authored by the Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement, is the result of continued cooperation between CSAC and other public- and private- entity groups that engaged in SB 1343 stakeholder discussions last year.

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