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County Priorities Shared at Wildfire Safety Advisory Board

March 12, 2020

CSAC staff provided public comments during the second meeting of the Wildfire Safety Advisory Board. CSAC’s comments suggested keeping the focus of investor-owned utilities (IOUs) on mitigation efforts and to consider the use of public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) as a tool of last resort.

CSAC staff also urged that in the event that a PSPS became necessary, the IOUs must provide reliable, accurate and timely information to local governments; coordinate more closely with local governments before, during and after PSPS events; and improve the location and availability of community resource centers in the event of a shutdown.

These public comments were well received by the Board, who asked to speak with CSAC staff after the meeting. Staff briefly spoke with several members of the committee including representatives of the Community Outreach Working Group and will follow up with boardmembers to provide technical feedback and input from counties with the help of CSAC’s outside counsel who has been tracking rulemakings PSPS rulemakings at the CPUC.

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