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CSAC AENR Requests Bill Feedback

March 28, 2019

CSAC’s Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources team requests feedback on the following bills. Please send any comments to Legislative Analyst Nick Cronenwett at ncronenwett@counties.org.

SB 527 (Caballero): This bill would provide that the cultivation of cannabis is compatible use on land under a Williamson Act Contract and would prohibit the exclusion of land used for cannabis cultivation or industrial hemp cultivation from agricultural preserves. The bill does not change standard Williamson Act provisions that allow local jurisdictions to declare that certain construction activities are not considered compatible uses for Williamson Act land. The addition of cannabis could change how counties use the Williamson Act to preserve land.

AB 38 (Wood): This bill would create 18 Regional Wildfire Prevention Districts and a State Wildfire Preparedness Council, which would all be considered state agencies. It would allow the Wildfire Prevention Districts to enforce defensible space, vegetation management, and fuel loads requirements. It would also allow these districts to promote, organize and support the implementation of regional community fire evacuation drills. The bill also would require the seller of a building in a very high fire hazard severity zone to provide the buyer a certificate certifying that low cost retrofits listed by the State Fire Marshall have been conducted on the property. This bill could impact how counties enforce defensible space provisions or vegetation management requirements.

AB 1125 (Cooley): This bill would create Animal Control Officer Standards Act that would require the California Animal Welfare Association to develop and maintain a voluntary certification program for animal control officers. Standards would include minimum training and experience requirements including at least 20 hours of training in animal care and at least 40 hours of training in state law related to the powers and duties of an animal control officer. The bill would also allow the Board of Directors of the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers to set fees for administration and enforcement of the act. The certification would be voluntary; however the bill could have indirect impact current and future animal control officer employees.

SB 772 (Bradford): This bill would require the California Independent System Operator to conduct a competitive solicitation process for one or more long term energy storage projects for cumulative total of at least 2000 megawatts. This could impact counties that use the Community Choice Aggregator model for power delivery.

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