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CSAC Continues to Request PSPS Cost Information

November 14, 2019

CSAC thanks all the counties that recently responded to our request for information regarding October Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS) events. CSAC will continue to accept any information from counties regarding PSPS costs on a rolling basis. Information that you provide will help CSAC continue to advocate for resources to help mitigate future impacts of PSPS events. CSAC will gladly take information related to the following questions or any other information related to a county PSPS experience.

  • How much of your jurisdiction was impacted by the PSPS event? ( IE estimate of customers impacted)?
  • What county resources were used during the PSPS event?
  • Were there unanticipated costs to the county associated with the PSPS event?
  • What were the costs associated with staffing, including overtime costs?
  • Did your county set up any county resource centers for IOU customers? If so, how many? How many residents used these centers?
  • Were there other PSPS related costs that CSAC should be aware of? (E.g. generator purchases)

CSAC has been advocating for funding to help counties with PSPS for several months including during this year’s budget negotiations. Most recently, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services announced $26 million in available funding for California’s counties for advanced planning, training, coordination, and updating emergency plans, combined with infrastructure preparedness to help ease the burden of being without power for extended periods of time. This $26 million for counties came as part of this year’s budget allocation of $75 million to both the state and local governments to help prepare for PSPS events. CSAC will continue to advocate for more resources with the help of the information you provide.

Please feel free to call or email Nick Cronenwett at ncronenwett@counties.org or 916-224-9133 or Cara Martinson at cmartinson@counties.org or 916-650-8113 if you have any questions.

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