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CSAC Encourages Counties to Support Proposed Decision to Dismiss AT&T’s COLR Application

May 23, 2024

Judge Glegola, the Administrative Law Judge presiding over AT&T California’s (AT&T’s) application for relief from their Carrier of Last Resort (COLR) obligations (submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as A.23-03-003) has submitted a Proposed Decision to dismiss their application. Please see this previous CSAC Bulletin for more information about AT&T’s COLR obligations.

Judge Glegola’s Proposed Decision said, “COLR withdrawal rules, adopted in Decision (D.) 96- 10-066 and affirmed in D.12-12-038, require either the presence of an existing COLR in the service territory a current COLR wishes to withdraw from, or for a new COLR to volunteer to replace the COLR seeking permission to withdrawal. No other COLR serves AT&T’s service territory. No potential COLR applied to replace AT&T. Given that AT&T’s Application, as amended, does not meet the requirements of the CPUC’s COLR withdrawal rules, and the existing undisputed facts of this case make that clear, AT&T’s Application should be dismissed.”

CSAC couldn’t agree more! Therefore, CSAC has submitted this letter in support of the Proposed Decision to dismiss AT&T’s application. Public comments will be accepted by the CPUC until May 30th.

CSAC encourages counties to use this letter template to express your support of the Proposed Decision. Submit to: Contact Information.

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