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CSAC Files Second De-energization Advocacy Letter with CPUC

October 18, 2019

On Tuesday October 15th, CSAC filed an advocacy letter with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on its Phase 2 De-energization rulemaking. CSAC reached out to our Board of Directors, AENR Policy Committee members, CAOs, County Counsels, County Emergency Managers, Resiliency Advisory Board, and Legislative Coordinators for feedback to incorporate into the advocacy letter. Please find CSAC’s Phase 2 De-energization letter attached here. CSAC also submitted an advocacy letter to the CPUC during the Phase 1 Comment period in December 2018. This most recent phase of the rulemaking was extended by the CPUC to allow for comments from the October 9 -12 Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event to be incorporated into the comments.

CSAC has been working diligently on issues regarding PSPS. Most recently, CSAC held a Regional Meeting in Sonoma County that focused on topics of resiliency and disaster preparedness, including PSPS. The meeting was impacted by the massive October PSPS event; however the meeting continued as planned and provided an opportunity for supervisors and staff to have a robust conversation. CSAC also recently submitted a letter to Cal OES advocating for resources to counties to help local communities prepare for these events. Please see CSAC’s attached funding request to CAL OES here. In addition to these efforts, CSAC recently held a PSPS stakeholder meeting between county supervisors and senior staff, state regulators, and representatives from Investor-owned utilities.

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