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CSAC Submits Comment Letter to Cal Recycle on Major Organic Waste Diversion Regulations

July 18, 2019

CSAC submitted a public comment letter to Cal Recycle in response to recently proposed changes to its SB 1383 Organic Waste Diversion regulations. CSAC has been actively engaged in this regulatory process since the passage of SB 1383 (Lara) in 2016.

The recently released text did include several changes that will benefit counties, however CSAC has ongoing concerns regarding the implementation of the proposed regulations and the heavy cost burden that will ultimately be borne by local rate payers.

In addition, CSAC has concerns about the lack of statewide infrastructure needed to comply with these regulations.

For information please read a copy of CSAC’s letter here. CSAC will continue to advocate for counties through the implementation of the regulations and for the development of new infrastructure.

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