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Executive Order on Extending Deadlines Impacted by COVID-19

May 15, 2020

Governor Newsom signed a new Executive Order related to the extension of several deadlines impacted by COVID-19. At the request of counties, Paragraph 11 of the Executive Order also resolves uncertainty about in-person public participation at hearings, such as county budget hearings. This uncertainty has lingered since the early Executive Order related to the Brown Act. This order states that any statute or regulation that permits a party or witness to participate in a hearing in person, a member of the public to be physically present at the place where a presiding officer conducts a hearing, or a party to object to a presiding officer conducting all or part of a hearing by telephone, television, or other electronic means, is suspended, provided that specified requirements are met.

The Executive Order also specifies:

  • For the purpose of authorizing the Executive Director of the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training to issue discretionary exemptions to individual law enforcement agencies seeking to temporarily reemploy retired or separated peace officers, the timeframe within which the individual must be reappointed is extended from 180 days to one year;
  • POST lecture based Basic Academy instruction may be delivered online;
  • Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to adopt telephonic, remote or other procedures for sex offender registration and reporting;
  • Certain procedural deadlines of the Department of Industrial Relations are extended, including the deadline for workers to file wage claims with the Labor Commissioner;
  • The deadline for employers to appeal Cal/OSHA citations is extended; and among others,
  • The deadline for Workers’ Compensation Administrative Law Judges to issue decisions is extended by 60 days.

A copy of the Governor’s executive order can be found here and text can be found here.

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