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FCC Phases Out the Affordable Connectivity Program

June 6, 2024

Due to the absence of additional funding from Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially concluded the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) on June 1. The ACP is a critical tool to increase access to internet services by providing financial assistance to eligible households. The FCC had begun halting the program earlier in the year, freezing enrollment in February and directing internet service providers to inform impacted customers in March and April about the program’s end. In May, the last partial program payment was completed.

The FCC’s extra wind-down measures contained the following:

  1. Urging ACP providers to develop and provide subscribers with information about low-income and/or low-cost plans and programs.
  2. Providing training and resources for state public utility commissions, agency ACP grants, and outreach stakeholders to promote the Commission’s Lifeline program.
  3. Reminding service providers of the obligation to promote the Lifeline program.

CSAC supports ongoing ACP funding and urges Congress to establish a long-term broadband affordability initiative to continue efforts that narrow the affordability gap for all Californians to access reliable high-speed internet.


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