CSAC Bulletin Article

FEMA and HHS Increase Access to COVID-19 Testing Supplies for Public Health Labs

April 16, 2020

HHS and FEMA have expanded the items supplied by the International Reagent Resource (IRR) to help public health labs access diagnostics supplies and reagents for COVID-19 testing free of charge. This consolidation of testing supplies under the IRR simplifies the resource request process for states and territories and alleviates the burden on public health labs of the need to work with separate, individual suppliers for swabs, reagents and other diagnostic testing supplies. The expanded list of diagnostic supplies will include supplies to support the three components needed for COVID-19 testing: sample kits, extraction kits and test kits.

The International Reagent Resource (IRR) was established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide registered users with reagents, tools and information for studying and detection of Influenza Virus. The IRR acquires, authenticates, and produces reagents that scientists need to carry out basic research and develop improved diagnostic tests, vaccines, and detection methods.

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