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Fish & Game Commission Allows CDFW to Temporarily Delay, Restrict or Suspend Fisheries Where Needed to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

April 16, 2020

On April 15, the California Fish & Game Commission adopted a temporary emergency regulation that would allow the Executive Director to work with local county officials to temporarily delay, restrict or suspend fisheries where needed. This order does not end fishing season statewide. This regulation is intended to help counties with concerns about large aggregations of fishers, areas where new aggregations are occurring, areas with significant numbers of nonresident fishers, and  areas with limited emergency and health services available.

When considering an action to alter local fishing conditions, the order requires the Executive Director to consider state health guidance, local public health official guidance, federal health guidance, and the need to preserve public safety based on input from state, federal, tribal, or local law enforcement and local government agencies. This  includes county sheriffs and local elected officials. This emergency order and temporary authority would be repealed on May 31st .

Pleas find text of the full regulation here starting on page 15.

You may also find a link to the CDFW news release regarding this action here.

Please email Nick Cronenwett if you have any questions.

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