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Five Counties Included In Second Round of Project Homekey Funding

September 24, 2020

Building off of the first round of Project Homekey awards announced on September 16 and discussed in the last edition of CSAC’s bulletin, Monday brought news of a second round of awards. This latest round includes $236 million awarded to 12 jurisdictions for 20 projects (1,810 units). Combined with round one, overall awards now total $312.5 million for 2,389 units.

The latest round of awards includes 5 county-led efforts:

  • Riverside County has been awarded:
    • $4.3 million to acquire a motel with 81 units that will be used as interim housing until converted to permanent housing;
    • $2 million to purchase 40 new manufactured homes to house farmworker families; and
    • $4.3 million to acquire six properties with 50 beds.
  • Shasta County has been awarded $2.2 million to procure and rehabilitate five single-family properties with 13 individual bedroom units.
  • City and County of San Francisco has been awarded $44.8 million to acquire a hotel that will create 232 units of permanent housing.
  • Los Angeles County has been awarded a combined $54 million for the acquisition of five motel properties (430 total units) for interim housing with the goal of converting to permanent housing by 2022.
  • Santa Clara County has been awarded $29.2 million to acquire a 146-room property that will provide 132 permanent residences.

Additional Homekey resources can be viewed here and here.

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