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Government Finance and Administration Bill Update

May 30, 2019

AB 1416 (Cooley) is sponsored by CSAC. This bill provides necessary cleanup for the California Consumer Privacy Act to ensure local agencies are provided certain exemptions from it, as intended. Without AB 1416, local agencies are concerned that a number of local services that the public wants and expects—such as child support and foster care—will be harmed. After the significant amendments the author made in committee to respond to the concerns of privacy advocates, the bill is now very narrowly tailored to allow businesses to share information to protect against dishonest activity and to allow government entities can carry out these important purposes.

CSAC also supports AB 1637 (Smith), which would permit property reported to, and received by, the Controller in the name of a state or local agency, to be transferred by the Controller directly to that agency without the filing of a claim. The bill flew off of the Assembly floor on Consent with unanimous support.

CSAC strongly opposed AB 1332 (Bonta), which would have prohibited, with few exceptions, any state or local agency from entering into a new contract or agreement or extending an existing contract or agreement with any person or entity that provides a federal immigration agency with any data broker, extreme vetting or detention facilities services. This proposal was held on the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File and will not move forward this year.

CSAC remains strongly opposed to AB 1400 (Kamlager Dove), SB 416 (Hueso), and SB 542 (Stern), all three of which have moved out of their house of origin. Each of these bills creates unprecedented public employee presumptions for workers’ compensation, without showing evidence that such problems exist; or demonstrating any analysis of the potential costs to local entities. CSAC and a coalition of local government and public employer advocates will continue to work with legislators to demonstrate the unworkable challenges each of these proposals presents.

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