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Governor Announces Regional Reopening Parameters

May 7, 2020

Governor Gavin Newsom announced regional variance criteria for any county wishing to accelerate through Stage 2 of the Governor’s Resilience Roadmap. The Governor assumes roughly two-week chunks of time for each phase if COVID-19 spread and deaths are flat or declining. The Governor also indicated that he could modify the statewide stay-at-home order to allow lower-risk retailers to open with safety precautions as early as tomorrow. A full memo regarding the Variance Criteria is available here. For counties that wish to accelerate through Stage 2, the following parameters will be part of the guidance.   

Process for Developing Acceleration Plans

  • County Health Officer must review criteria and identify areas of need and discuss with CDPH to obtain resources
  • Complete form of yes/no answers and descriptions
  • Health Officer attests to the veracity of plan
  • Board of Supervisors must submit letter of support for plan
  • Local and/or regional hospitals and health systems must submit letter(s) of support for the plan
  • Plans reviewed by CDPH and posted online

Required Parameters for Acceleration

  • No more than 1 positive case per 10k over last 14 days AND 0 deaths in last 14 days – a county cannot submit a plan until both are met
  • Minimum of daily testing volume of 1.5 tests per 1000 residents
  • Testing available for at least 75 percent of residents as measured by established testing sites (including  health care providers or other specimen collection sites)
  • Testing accessible to all residents within 30 minutes of travel time for urban counties and 60 minutes for rural counties
  • County can show that essential workers can be protected with PPE, including sick time and location to isolate if needed
  • Epidemiological stability with flat or declining cases of COVID-19 in county
  • Sufficient contact tracing capacity
         – If no cases, at least 1 trained staff member
         – If have cases, 15 tracers per 100,000 residents
  • Hospital capacity sufficient to handle a 35 percent surge in cases
  • Hospitals have sufficient PPE and ability to obtain more
  • Congregate care facilities must have 14-day supply of PPE and ability to obtain more
  • Identification of the metrics that would guide modifications to reopening and data that would trigger reinstatement

Follow the hyperlink for County Variance Info. Additional Industry-specific Info is also available today.

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