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Governor Brown Releases $1.25 Billion Cap and Trade Funds Expenditure Plan

February 1, 2018

Governor Brown recently released the Administration’s proposed $1.25 billion Cap and Trade Expenditure Plan consisting of funds generated through California’s cap and trade auction system. There are several programs receiving funds through this year’s expenditure plan that will be of interest to counties. These programs include the Transformative Climate Communities Program which received an allocation of $25 million, healthy forest and local fire response programs which received a total of $185 million, and the short-lived climate pollution organic waste diversion funding. 

The cap and trade program was significantly strengthened last year when the Legislature passed AB 398 (E. Garcia), which extended cap and trade to 2031 by a two-thirds bipartisan vote. This year’s annually appropriated allocation plan also includes funding for improvements in low carbon transportation, short-lived climate pollutant reduction (such as methane from landfills), and funds for climate-smart agriculture programs, healthy forest and tree-related programs and climate change research. It also includes funding to implement AB 617, a new local air pollution control program.

CSAC is concerned with the $20 million allocation for organic waste diversion; only half of what was allocated to these programs last year. This allocation is disheartening, given the major changes to local government waste management mandated by SB 1383 and the ensuing rulemaking at Cal Recycle to implement the major overhaul to organics management in California. In addition, CSAC will continue to advocate for our funding priorities, which include funding to help mitigate the tree mortality crisis, additional funding to local governments for local greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction programs, and additional waste management funds.

Please click here for a chart with more information about this year’s expenditures.

If you have any questions or concerns about this expenditure plan please reach out AENR staff

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