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Governor Proposes $12 Billion to Address Homelessness

Joined by San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and City of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, Governor Newsom announced a proposed $12 billion investment in homelessness responses this week. Homelessness continues to be a key advocacy priority for California Counties. The proposed package will be part of the Governor’s May Revision budget proposal this Friday.

The Governor’s proposed $12 billion, two-year homelessness investment is intended to provide 65,000 people with housing placements, more than 300,000 people with housing stability, and create 46,000 new housing units. While details are still forthcoming, the proposal includes the below investments.

  • $7 billion for additional Homekey acquisitions.
  • $1.75 billion to build thousands of affordable homes.
  • $447 million to address student homelessness at UC, CSU, and CCC.
  • $150 million to stabilize and rehouse Project Roomkey clients.
  • $1.85 billion in new housing for homeless families.
  • $1.60 billion in rental support and homeless prevention for families.
  • $40 million in grants to local governments

The Governor explained the proposal is part of a five-year plan to end family homelessness and includes strategies to address encampments, prevent youth homelessness, and clean and transform public spaces. In addition, the plan calls for stricter enforcement measures of state housing law and investments into proven strategies, ensuring local governments are meeting targets to reduce homelessness.

Governor Newsom made the announcement from a recently opened Project Homekey site with 177 residents. The Governor highlighted the success and expediency of Project Homekey acquisitions throughout the state, which utilized $846 million in state and federal funds—6,000 units in six months.

The Governor’s press release can be found here and a summary of the homelessness plan can be found here.

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