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Governor Signs Key HHS Bills

September 29, 2016

With the deadline to sign bills at the end of the week, Governor Brown has recently signed several HHS-related bills that CSAC has supported.

AB 1299 (Ridely-Thomas) would ensure timely mental health services for foster or probation youth with little or no state cost.

AB 1997 (Stone) is intended as technical implementation legislation for last year’s landmark AB 403, the Continuum of Care Reform.

AB 2568 (Atkins) would authorize San Diego County, upon approval of the county board of supervisors and the California Health and Human Services Agency, to operate an integrated and comprehensive health and human services agency.

SB 906 (Beall) would remove the sunset provision from the requirement (or request in the University of California’s case) that the California State University and community college districts grant priority registration for enrollment for a foster youth or former foster youth.

The Governor vetoed AB 1838 by Assembly Member Ting, which would make a pregnant minor or nonminor dependent eligible for the infant supplement under Kin-GAP for a specified period of time before the expected date of birth. CSAC supported AB 1838, which the Governor’s veto message said would be more appropriately addressed through the budget process. 

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