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Governor Takes Action on Public Safety Legislation

September 29, 2016

Governor Brown signs legislation allowing specific county jails to create a Jail Industry Authority program. AB 2012, by Assembly Member Frank Bigelow, allows the Board of Supervisors from 12 specific counties to establish a Jail Industry Authority program. The Governor signed:

  • SB 1064 by Senator Loni Hancock to establish the H.E.A.T Watch Project in Alameda County as permanent.
  • SB 266 by Senator Marty Block which authorizes the use of “flash incarceration” for probation or mandatory supervision defendants and;
  • SB 881 by Senator Bob Hertzberg which clarifies the existing time frames for the Traffic Amnesty Program.

CSAC supported AB 2012, SB 1064 and SB 266. CSAC was in opposition to SB 881.

The Governor vetoed SB 1157 by Senator Holly Mitchell, a tremendous win for certain counties. This measure would have prohibited the exclusive use of video visitation at local correctional facilities. In his veto message, he noted that the measure did not provide adequate flexibility and created a strict mandate on counties. However, he was concerned about the recent trend of jail facilities that do not offer in-person visiting and the adverse impact this could have on rehabilitative goals. CSAC opposed this measure.

Unfortunately, the Governor also vetoed SB 1385, by Senator Connie Leyva, which would have required the state, through the California Disaster Assistance Act, to fund 100% of the eligible emergency recovery costs related to the December 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino County. In his veto message, he recognized the unique circumstances of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. However, he was concerned that this would set the expectation that the state will assume all financial responsibility for future emergency costs. CSAC supported this measure.

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