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Hertzberg Hosts Stormwater Webinar

October 19, 2017

Senator Bob Hertzberg hosted an SB 231 focused webinar earlier this week called “Getting It Right: Stormwater Stewardship.” The Senator told viewers that his main goal in authoring SB 231 was to help communities capture and use water locally, in part, to help reduce water costs. Along with Senator Hertzberg the webinar featured Sean Bothwell, Policy Director at California Coastkeeper Alliance and Attorney Michael Colantuono.

The key takeaway and suggestion from municipal finance expert Colantuono was for local governments to be cautious in using the property related fee exemption provided for under Prop. 218. He strongly suggested that SB 231 be used in conjunction with AB 2403 (Rendon 2014) and encouraged local governments to use stormwater fees on projects that collect stormwater which can directly benefit either sanitary sewers or a water supply; this discussion can be found 20:50 on the hosted video on the webinar which can be found at this link.

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