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HHS Bill Signing Requests, No Veto’s Requested

Now that the Legislative session is over, the Governor has until September 30 to act on the bills passed by both houses of the Legislature.  We are not requesting a veto on any of the HHS-related measures on Governor Brown’s desk. Several bills that CSAC supports are currently waiting to be signed, including:

AB 2448 (Burke) would reduce barriers to high school graduation by CalWORKs participants.

SB 947 (Pan) would work to modernize the CalWORKs application and ensure a more efficient process for families in need of CalWORKs benefits.

AB 2568 (Atkins) would authorize San Diego County, upon approval of the County Board of Supervisors and the California Health and Human Services Agency, to operate an integrated and comprehensive health and human services agency.

SB 906 (Beall) would conform the definition of “foster youth or former foster youth” for purposes of this bill with the definition consistent with the California Chaffee Foster Youth Grant program and remove the sunset provision from the requirement (or request in the University of California’s case) that the California State University and community college districts grant priority registration for enrollment for a foster youth or former foster youth.

SB 1212 (Hueso) would authorize the California Public Utiltlies Commission to spend up to $1,500,000 to facilitate expansion of 2-1-1 services into counties that do not currently have 2-1-1 services.

Additional HHS bills that CSAC supports are still at Enrollment in the Legislature, waiting to be officially sent to the Governor’s Desk, including:

AB 1299 (Ridley-Thomas) would ensure that foster children receive critical mental health services, regardless of their location.

AB 1997 (Stone) is intended as technical implementation legislation for last year’s landmark AB 403, the Continuum of Care Reform.

ACR 204 (Quirk) would encourage California’s courts and local communities to work together to expedite and maintain permanency for former foster children.

The Governor has already signed SB 867 (Hueso), which extends the sunset date for local Maddy Emergency Medical Services Funds (Maddy Funds) to January 1, 2017, to continue to assist hospitals and emergency physicians with the costs of treating uninsured patients, support local emergency services, and contribute to pediatric trauma care.


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